I’m Charlotte (or Charley, or Lottie, or Sharls, or Robbo… you get the picture), and I am about to embark on an extended journey in a southeasterly direction.

Born in the UK – a northern lass, but brought up in the Cotswolds, I have been lucky enough to travel regularly throughout my life so far. Family holidays to America, Cyprus, Egypt and Italy, plus a holiday home in France ensured that dreams of exploring hit me from a very young age.

After college and a few years of saving I left the UK in 2011 to spend a year or so working in Australia. I settled for short periods regularly to work, taking on jobs including an insurance claims advisor, a promo girl, nightclub work and ticket sales for a Cadbury festival. In between, I set about exploring as much of the country as possible, reaching every state except the capital – oddly enough.

Stopping off en route to get my first taste of Asia – Singapore, I returned to England 13 months later knowing my stay would be short-lived.

This time I’m leaving behind a job I love, working within the travel industry (for Steppes Travel), and hoping that a few years more experience will bring even better opportunities on my return.

As an avid travel blog reader I’ve always envied my favourite bloggers and dreamt of creating a space online where I could share my experiences too.

My original reason to start blogging was to keep in touch easily with family back home in the UK, and with a terrible long-term memory I also wanted somewhere I could back in years to come to re-live the stories.

Thanks for visiting, please follow me on twitter, like me on Facebook or comment on my posts – I’d love to hear from you.

Charlotte x