I loved reading through other people’s packing lists before I left for my most recent trip. I put a reasonable amount of thought into the items I spent my hard-saved money on, so here are a few of my favourites I am taking with me to Asia. I will be updating this page as I travel, and providing feedback on things as I use them.

Firstly – my backpack.


I will be travelling with my new 68l Osprey Kestrel backpack. I know 68l is a large amount to carry on your back, and any hard-core travellers are probably shaking their heads as they read this article – but I’ve come a long way from my previous 90l one!

As well as my main bag, I will be taking an over-sized tote bag (Accessorize) as my carry-on bag and a new Pac-Safe bag to keep my valuables in.


PacSafe ‘Metrosafe 200 GII Anti-theft’ Shoulder Bag





I ordered the Masterplug for my big Asia trip, but I’ve been using it at home in the meantime. It’s extremely useful, with the ability to charge four UK plugs and two USB at once. It’s small size and low weight mean it is perfect for travelling, even long-term. The only small negative point I have is that the power light is pretty bright in the dark – I solve this by covering the plug with a t-shirt.


Power Bank


Transcend Multi-Reader

I couldn’t live with my multi-reader. It is the easiest and quickest way to get photos from my camera and onto my tablet. With USB, micro-USB and SD card slots it is extremely versatile.


X-Mini Capsule Speaker

I haven’t tried this out yet – but the X-Mini’s tiny size makes it perfect to include in my pack for nights spent on the beach with friends.



Petzl Tikka Headtorch


Kindle Paperwhite

Camera Equipment:


Joby GorillaPod Tripod for SLR Camera (+ Ballhead)

I bought the Joby GorillaPod Tripod for my SLR camera, however you can also buy a smaller version for digital cameras. The moveable ‘joints’ in the tripod legs enable you to wrap the tripod around almost anything – a fence, a tree branch etc. and the rubber feet means that it stays steady whilst on the ground. The ballhead is bought separately, and in my opinion is definitely needed; it allows much more mobility and control over the camera position. I’ve used my tripod on several occasions, and whilst it is small enough to fit in my (oversized) handbag, it works brilliantly as a tripod.



eBags Packing Cubes

Packing cubes have revolutionised the way I pack. They act like ‘drawers’ within a backpack, meaning you can group similar items together and make finding clothes a much easier task. Clothes are much less likely to go missing too – as each eBag zips closed.


** There are affiliate links in this post, meaning that if you click on an Amazon link and buy the item I recommend, then I will receive a small commission. Doing this won’t cost you anything extra, but will contribute slightly to my travelling fund.